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Real consumer reviews


The 26-inch suitcase is better than I expected! I am very satisfied with the color and design quality of Giessen Lake Green. Especially the scratch-resistant suitcase and the simple and thoughtful interior make me look forward to my next trip abroad~
However, I hope that the dust bag of Miss Cat’s co-branded model will be the same as the dust bag of Giessen Lake Green. It is thick black instead of thin gold. I hope that the co-branded model will also be launched with a scratch-resistant level in the future. Fortunately, the protective film It has not been torn off, otherwise it would be very distressing if the pattern is scratched~
Overall, I would still recommend this suitcase. Comment original address

Ke Peixin

This time I purchased a 29-inch suitcase from the New Worry-Free series (Giessen Lake color). To be honest, I was impressed by how smoothly the levers and wheels were used. For a 29-inch suitcase at this price, it should be fine. It’s a rival, and I look forward to taking it with me for some actual combat next time I go abroad! Comment original address

Juan Johnny

The delivery was super fast. I received a call for shipping in just two days. When I got the carton, I thought it was very heavy, but it was so light that I wondered if it was packed wrong! Haha, 29 inches is better than I imagined! I thought it didn't meet my needs. After unboxing, I really liked the color and the texture of each design. I chose the Dahn Blue scratch-resistant series. It has a simple and thoughtful interior. I really recommend it! I look forward to using it next time I go abroad. Finally, I no longer have to borrow suitcases from my family to go abroad! Thank you for the merchant's service and quick reply! Recommended to family and friends. Comment original address

Putal Chang

I received the 29-inch Ying's Cat. I really think it's very high-quality. It's the most high-quality suitcase I've ever seen. The wheels are easy to push and the combination lock is very strong. The shipping speed is fast and the reviews are also very good. I hope There is a chance to win prizes from praise activities again! Comment original address

Ellie Ann

purchased is
29 inches/Limited matte hair anti-scratch style-
Milo titanium is very light, the solid color and texture are very good^_^
The order delivery time has been delayed.
You will be notified via text message.
Have questions⋯
Line’s online customer service will also respond as soon as possible.
Very reassuring^_^

Comment original address

Yi June Lin

I really like the pictures and the inner wheel that rotates very well! Comment original address

Zhou Xiuhui

The color is just like what I imagined. The color is super beautiful, the texture is super good, and the delivery speed is super fast. The service staff are great and answer all my questions. It's great. It's worth recommending. Comment original address

Jia Yun

Before going abroad, because my original suitcase was too small, I was looking for a 29-inch hard-shell zipper model, and I found nasaden’s new worry-free series~ 🥰Not only are the products good, but the customer service is also great!
🔥 The suitcase is highly recommended! ! 🔥
Super super easy to recommend! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 No need to force, push easily! During my trip, I happened to need to run to catch the high-speed train. I ran up and down the entire platform. At that time, I thought to myself that I was lucky to have him! ! Otherwise it will be really miserable🤣🤣🤣Original address of comment

Nancy Lin


Quality home, taste life,
Start with SAVAMUNT home furnishings

Tencel skin-friendly bedding

Bed bag set/pillow case/four seasons quilt/thin sheet

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IONIC antibacterial silver fiber

Essential items for baby care

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Sleep pillow series

Giving you a peaceful sleep is our mission

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Real consumer reviews


It's beautiful and comfortable. The silver fiber feels more comfortable than Tencel. You really get what you pay for.

Zhu Xiaoxiao

I bought it as a gift for Ah Ku, who looked like a bear. He didn’t even want to get up when he lay down.

savamunt 賽芙嫚床包床單被單枕頭套床包
Lai Xiaoqing

The comfortable expression is all written on the woman's face. Although the shipment is a bit slow, the quality is really good. Compared with the mainland bed bag I bought before, there is a smell when you unpack it, but Caiyu doesn't have it at all. And the packaging is very beautiful. I recommend one.

Vannita Yang

The one I bought from Animal Forest is really super cute. The whole pattern makes me feel comfortable, and the texture is also very good. It is much different from the previous ones that cost more than 1,000 yuan and broke within two months of use.

Lin Xinzheng

The ionic+silver fiber side is really comfortable, soft and soft

Xu Youchen

The texture is really different from the ones on momo that sell for more than 2,000 yuan.

Liao Yonghua

A family of 4 all praised the softness and moderate height of the Sleeping Pillow.

Guo Yuzhen

The pillow I'm looking forward to is worth the wait. I hope you have a good sleep every day.

Shu Ying

Sleep well with the sleeping pillow! I used to feel hot and stuffy on top of my head when I woke up. When it gets serious, acne will break out on my scalp, which really makes me miserable. But now after changing to this lingering pillow, I wake up... very dry and not stuffy. Although the price is a bit expensive, it's worth it!

Weiting Li